Broadband Setup

Broadband Setup and Troubleshooting

BarNet can install your modem and set up your broadband or cable / fibre connection to the Internet swiftly. We can advise on internet service providers, and install all the equipment for either cabled, fibre or broadband wireless network systems around your home or office.

We offer a network installation and support service to fix network problems, configure and maintaining Microsoft Windows based networks for servers and workstations. Our fully qualified technicians will come to your location to provide a professional service at an affordable price at a time which is convenient for you.

For home owners, our engineers can visit you to set up and test, or repair your broadband systems and make sure all your PCs, laptops and smart phones are connected correctly. We can also enable all your portable internet enabled devices to go online and print where possible.

Parental Control / Internet Safety

Most children know more about computers and the internet than their parents. How do you ensure your children do not stray into darker areas of the internet without watching over their shoulders? Here at BarNet, we understand that it is simply impossible to monitor your children’s every move yourself, so we can set up a number of low cost solutions to guarantee your child’s safety on the Internet.

Fibre optics for broadband networks and MSO

While there are multiple network structures capable of supporting broadband services, an ever increasing percentage of broadband and MSO providers are opting for fibre optic network structures to support both present and future bandwidth requirements.Broadband setup CATV (cable television), HDTV (high definition television), VoIP (voice over internet protocol), and broadband internet are some of the most common applications now being supported by fibre optic networks, in some cases directly to the home (FTTH – Fibre To The Home). These types of fibre optic networks incorporate a wide variety of products to support and distribute the signal from the central office to an optic node, and ultimately to the subscriber (end-user).

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