Mail & Antispam


We provide a range of hosted email services that are easy of use and gives you as the customer a choice of flexibility. You will have a few main options when it comes to email:

  • On-Site Hosted Exchange Server
  • BarNet Hosted Exchange
  • Office 365


Each of these options are scalable and have different pricing options.





Secure: We equip our servers with encryption. This means the complete transition of data that takes place is completely encrypted and no unauthorised party has access of it.

Adequate and Flexible Storage: Users get adequate storage space that is expandable for their needs (Max of 50GB per user mailbox). The storage space that is provided is more than adequate to store thousands of messages.

Address Book: This is a one of the most significant aspect of an email service. We provide users with the ability to share address books.

Spam and Virus Filters: The best part about going for this service is that it comes with spam and virus filtering features. This means that spam mail remains out of the mailbox. BarNet Computers offer reliable and cost-effective email hosting solutions for your business and offers 24/5 technical assistance.

Antispam Solutions

When it comes to anti-spam we offer two main types of solutions:

  • Software-Based
  • Cloud-Based


Software-based solutions involve installing software onto your server to eliminate spam once it reaches the gateway; that is, when it enters your inbox.

The other solution, cloud-based anti-spam, involves extracting spam in the cloud; that is, before it reaches your inbox.


Availability: Several redundancy servers ensuring round the clock availability.

Advanced: Use of the most recent technologies, combining both standard processes and ‘on-the-fly’ investigation methods.

Compatible: Independent from your mail server. This antispam solution works directly in standard email protocol, SMTP.

International: Designed to detect spam in many different languages.

Effective: Stops spam emails before they arrive in your inbox and server.

Simple: Takes less than an hour to enforce & requires no hardware or software installation. This is an out-of-box solution ready to go and is self-sufficient.

Performance: Eases network traffic and improves your mail server load. Spam and virus filtering performed before hitting your server.

Secured: Protects your email server from outside spam, viruses, scams, phishing attacks, denial-of-service attacks and relays.

Why Choose BarNet ?

We will save you time and money

All IT and related services in one place

Individual plans tailored for your needs

Professional, local and friendly IT Service

Guaranteed to get your business IT running at its best performance


What You Get

Fanatical Business IT Support

Network Support & Monitoring

Remote Desktop Support

IT Security Support

Proactive Monitoring & Maintenance of all your systems



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