Remote Access & VPN

Remote access extends the benefit of your office network resources to mobile and home workers whilst allowing data to be consolidated at a central location. Traditionally remote access has been achieved by connecting to a network using either ISDN or analogue telephone lines.

The cost of call charges for this solution can be significant, particularly from international locations, and performance is limited to the connection speed.

A more modern, effective and efficient solution is to connect to the corporate network across the Internet through a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

A VPN utilises sophisticated encryption and encapsulation technology to allow data to be securely transmitted across the Internet. Remote workers and branch offices can establish network connections from any location using their local Internet connection.

This solution can be used with standard dial-up access but is particularly effective where unmetered high speed broadband Internet connections are used.

We at BarNet Computers can help you set up your own private VPN for times when someone needs to work whilst out of office or when unfortunately there are strikes, and VPNs allow your users to work from home in a more seamless manner.

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