Small Business IT Support London

Small Business IT Support

We want to deliver you an IT Support Service that will give your Small Business the IT infrastructure it needs in order to reach its complete potential.

Your IT is there to make your staff’s lives easier, and so are we. Our Business IT Support isn’t just about supporting your technology, it’s about assisting your staff use it as effectively and resourcefully as possible, enabling your business to work to the best ability possible.

We know our way around both the IT world and business world. We specialise in making your IT the most beneficial for the business so that your greatest success can be achieved.

Why Choose BarNet ?

We will save you time and money

All IT and related services in one place

Individual plans tailored for your needs

Professional, local and friendly IT Service

Guaranteed to get your business IT running at its best performance

What You Get

Fanatical Business IT Support

Network Support & Monitoring

Remote Desktop Support

IT Security Support

Proactive Monitoring & Maintenance of all your systems

BarNet Computers Partnership

Working in Partnership

We believe in a strong and long lasting relationship with all of our customers – relationships are built on loyalty, professionalism and reliability. Jobs are easier, quicker and more efficient when we work together. That’s why we make sure all our staff are likable, friendly and professional.


What We Do

We understand the frustrations of Small Businesses when it comes to obtaining effective IT support. Either Support Companies want to deal with bigger clients or you end up with a smaller IT support company which cannot provide the cover and support you require throughout the year.
We specialise in Small Business IT support. We can provide you with the same level of support that Large Businesses expect at a cost that Small Businesses are happy with.

We focus on IT outsourcing, Managed Services, IT Support, network support, security support and remote monitoring. We’ll help to secure your applications, making sure they’re available whenever and wherever you need them. We’ll also assist in getting them fully integrated and fully protected, and guarantee we will get your network doing what it was designed to do – running your business applications at its highest performance.

We are as dynamic and flexible as a small business and understand the way they think. So we know how to deliver effective, smart and efficient Small Business IT support and services designed for them. We are committed to helping small business clients in getting the most effective IT support, services and solutions for the IT challenges faced every day.

We collect feedback on a regular basis, and if there’s something you need to tell us or improve upon, we will action this as soon as possible. Our customers love this as this helps their productivity. This is one of the main reasons our customers keep recommending us. Small reasons like this are what makes our Small Business IT Support special.

24/7 IT Management for your Small Business

We understand that Small Businesses often lack IT knowledge or dedicated IT Staff.

We understand that Small Businesses are conscious about saving money and time.

We will resolve IT issues as quickly as possible to minimise downtime to your IT Systems.

BarNet Computers offers several services specifically considered to meet the IT network support and wireless solutions requirements of Small Businesses.

We’ll help manage IT office relocation and refurbishments to ensure your IT Systems continue with as little interruption possible.

Comprehensive IT Audit – we’ll check your current IT setup to ensure it’s configured to work as efficiently as possible and help you identify IT components that might need replacing in the near future, allowing for future planning.

We can provide remote office solutions so your staff can work with flexibility.

Internet usage monitoring – we can help you monitor and make reports on your workforce’s internet activity.

We’ll help ensure you’ve got the internet bandwidth you need to effectively run your business.

First Line and Second Line support – we’ll offer advice and suggestions to your staff in order to resolve their everyday IT problems.

PC Order and Prep – we’ll preconfigure your PCs with your chosen hardware and software. Order your PC with us and it will be ready to go as soon as it arrives at your offices.

24/7/365 managed network and server support – BarNet Computers will perform reboots and apply updates outside of work hours, monitor your critical processes and make sure your business avoids costly IT outages.

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